Summer Fun/Summer Camp

What do the children do over the summer months at the Children’s Home?


Remember those long summers as a kid with nothing to do? At FUMCH, we plan early to keep our children busy and learning doesn’t take a break either. Our kids are blessed, through the generosity of wonderful friends who help us to provide great summer enrichment. SUMMER FUN is a program that runs every week of summer where our kids have fun and learn. Our residents can’t wait for SUMMER FUN to begin! They have an opportunity to learn how to be creative with arts and crafts time and cooking class. Therapeutically, they can begin to learn to trust others as they master the ropes course and discover how to work together in team sports. Education and spiritual development don’t take a vacation. The kids meet with our chapel staff for spiritual activities and they participate in fun educational activities provided by our education staff. It is a team effort to provide this for all the kids on the two campuses. Please consider supporting SUMMER FUN to make this the best summer ever for our children.

SUMMER CAMP is a time when the children living on our campuses have the opportunity to attend a week long experience at Warren Willis Camp in Fruitland Park. The camping ministry of the Florida Conference of the United Methodist Church has a long tradition of Christ centered camping experiences that transform the lives of young people.

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