Independent Living Program

The mission of the Independent Living Program is to facilitate residents’ transition to adulthood, teaching them life skills and increasing their emotional intelligence to enable their successful achievement of this transition.

The Independent Living Program both empowers and emotionally supports older adolescents to help them make the transition from our residential campus or foster care towards independence. The Independent Living Program is perfect for youth who are responsible, goal-oriented, self-motivated and determined to be successful. We develop a sense of pride in our youth as they grow into adulthood by teaching them the skills they need to live successful lives.

The Independent Living Program is for youth transitioning out of the residential program or in the foster care system, who are at least 18 years of age and are ready for a decreased level of supervision as they prepare for independence. Our staff provide 24-hour support to the youth, who are housed in family style homes, as well as studio apartments just outside campus.

Our team is dedicated to:
  • coordinate participant’s case management
  • teach youth to attain and maintain skills for daily life
  • provide emotional development and spiritual growth
  • support and guide youth in obtaining educational, vocational and employment opportunities
  • assist youth in obtaining medical services and securing mental health services as needed
  • and much more!

For more information, call Kisha Alvarez at 386.668.4774 or email

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