New Private School

Opens on our Enterprise Campus

For over one-hundred and five years, the Florida United Methodist Children’s Home has been preparing our children to reach their full academic potential as students and as precious persons created by a loving and awesome God.

Anyone who has ever prepared a child to start a new school year knows how much work is involved. Now just imagine what it is like to prepare over 350 boys and girls for the first day of school.

As we prepare for another school year, we are facing yet another setback —many of our boys and girls are falling behind in school due to the problems they have faced growing up, bringing instability to their childhood. Most of our youth are at least a year behind grade level and some as many as three years behind.

Our solution — this school year, we will be transforming some space in our gymnatorium in order to open a private school on campus that will target residents who are low-performing students, and in need of more one-on-one academic instruction, along with social and emotional assessments, to bring them up to grade level and get them back on track towards graduation.

This school will be a starting point for us to rewrite the academic story of many of our children; which will transform their present and future circumstances, and ignite a love of learning in order for them to achieve success.

If you are interested in learning more, please call 386.668.5088 or email