Merry Christmas

Can you imagine what it’s like for a child to be away from their family at Christmas?

Can you imagine what it’s like for a child to be away from their family at Christmas? A child who has been removed from an abusive home environment naturally feels very isolated. This feeling of isolation is only made worse by the daily precautions and fear resulting from the ongoing pandemic. At this joyous time of year, these children truly miss being able to decorate their tree with family and friends and enjoying all that goes with the holiday season.

At the Florida United Methodist Children’s Home, we care for children who have been abused, abandoned, or neglected. And while it is better that they are out of that unsafe environment, our children still miss that feeling of family. During this season of their life, we become their family.  And with your support, it can be a truly memorable Christmas.

Emily is one of these children. She had to be removed from an abusive home and was very withdrawn as a result of her traumatic experiences. When she arrived at the Children’s Home, Emily was very antisocial, and avoided speaking to others.

Through the support of her houseparents and therapist, Emily learned to express her feelings. She also found her inner strength, the same strength she had lost while being abused. She no longer blamed herself for what happened and realized that she can direct her future. Emily has become much more positive and outgoing, and she has become a bit of leader in her cottage among the other girls. Emily has also started participating in our Spiritual Life program and is singing in the choir during Sunday worship services.

Emily has come a long way in her brief time at the Children’s Home, but her story is still being written. One thing is certain – she is definitely looking forward to Christmas!

For many children, the Florida United Methodist Children’s Home becomes the loving family that these children so desperately need. And isn’t that what we all want … to be cared for and loved?  With your support, we can make this a truly magical Christmas for all the children we care for, whether on our Enterprise campus, the Madison Youth Ranch, or through our community foster care homes.

Please consider your most generous gift to support the over 500 children currently in our care at the Florida United Methodist Children’s Home during this holiday season.

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