Dear Friend,

Do you remember growing up as a child and receiving a Valentine’s Day Card?

Maybe it was from one of your classroom friends or maybe it was from your parents. Do you remember how special it made you feel?

Now imagine what it might feel like to not receive a Valentine’s Day Card from classmates, friends or family members. This absence of affection brings feelings of hurt and heartbreak, diminishing a child’s self-worth.

Every day we care for boys and girls who come from very difficult situations. Many of them have little to no relationship with Mom or Dad while others have endured years of abuse and neglect. This leaves each with feelings of emptiness, like they were never loved.

Matthew was welcomed by the Children’s Home when his mother faced economic hardships. With no relationship with his father, Matthew felt alone and hopeless. While in our care, we have been able to share God’s unconditional love with Matthew, and it’s this love that is strengthening his heart, giving him hope and offering him a future full of promise.

Please let Matthew and our other children know they are loved! You can share your love with a child and help them heal by signing and returning the enclosed Valentine Card!

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This year, like in years past, our Chapel team will place all of the cards we receive in our Chapel. Then they will have the honor of explaining to our residents that every card was personally signed by someone who loves them and prays for them. The impact is truly amazing.

Just place your signed Valentine card along with your gift and drop it in the mail. We will make sure all cards are placed in the chapel for all the children to see!

Even though many of our children will not hear from their Mom or Dad this Valentine’s Day, please let them hear from you…so they know they are loved.

Thank you and God Bless!

Becky Dotson
President & CEO