Back to School

Kid going to school with booksIt’s just around the corner

A new school year is just around the corner, and it finally looks like things are getting back to normal. Because of continued COVID-19 related issues, our children had to complete some of their academics online and in small groups this past year. Now, we’re making plans for the upcoming school year. On our Enterprise campus, Legacy Scholars Academy continues to help our students excel and recover in those areas where they may have been academically behind. Many of them went on to college, while others went to work or into the US Military. All of these successes are made possible with the support of friends like you.

But you may not be aware of just how quickly your support can have in impact on a young life. Jason is a young man in one of our cottages who has only been with us a few months after being removed from an abusive situation in his home. He understandably came to us with self-esteem issues, blaming himself for his situation. His grades also suffered and he was academically behind. Now, with the help of his therapist, he’s beginning to understand that it wasn’t his fault. And with additional tutoring, his grades are improving.

Children like Jason need your continued support. A gift from you can provide the necessary supplies, additional tutoring, and other resources necessary to make them successful. And it’s not just the youth living on our Enterprise campus who attend Legacy Scholars Academy. The children at our Madison Youth Ranch, as well as the foster children in our care, need supplies for the coming school year.

Please send a gift today so all of our children have the materials and support they need before the school year begins.