Back to School

A new school year is just around the corner.

While children are enjoying their summer and not going to class, teachers everywhere are busy planning for the next school year. That includes the teachers here at Legacy Scholars Academy on the Enterprise campus of the Children’s Home.

Legacy Scholars Academy was started here just four years ago, and already we’ve had 25 students graduate with their high school diploma. Most of them went on to college, some to work, and some into the US Military. All of these successes are because of the support of friends like you.

This is Olivia, one of those success stories. And that’s me, Leonore Chamberlain, working with her. I’m a teacher here at Legacy Scholars Academy. I’m helping Olivia with a fun science experiment called a fire snake. It uses baking soda, sugar, and fuel to create a black “snake” from carbonate pushed out of the sugar. This is just one example of how we support STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) learning in our classrooms.

These children need your help. A gift from you can provide the necessary supplies, additional tutoring, and other resources needed to make them successful. And it’s not just the youth living on our Enterprise campus who go to school at Legacy Scholars Academy. The Children’s Home cares for foster children in multiple counties who also need supplies for the year. Because of this, I’m asking you to send a gift today so all of our children have the materials they need before the school year begins.

Since many of our children are coming to us from situations of abuse, neglect or abandonment, it is common for them to have fallen behind academically. When
they come to us, most of the children are at least a year behind grade level and some are as many as three years behind.

All of our youth come from troubled homes. They each have their own story of abuse and neglect, and their own barriers to academic success. But they didn’t let their past hold them back, and it was support from friends like you that helped them succeed.

Please send your gift today so there is enough time to provide the children with all the materials they need for the coming school year!