Back to School

Kid going to school with backpack onA new school year is just around the corner.

After the way we had to finish the last school year, we’re really looking forward to the new one. Because of COVID-19, our children had to complete their academics online and in small groups. As the pandemic winds down, we’re making plans for the upcoming school year. On our Enterprise campus, Legacy Scholars Academy was started just five years ago and we’ve already had 31 students graduate with their high school diploma. Most of them went on to college, while others went to work or into the US Military. All of these successes are because of the support of friends like you.

But you may not be aware of just how quickly your support can have in impact on a young life. Kaitlyn is a young lady in one of our cottages who has only been with us a short time, and she included this in a recent essay, “Ever since I was put in foster care at age 5, I have been struggling to find my purpose and understand my worth. In the short time I have been at the Children’s Home, I have felt more loved and wanted than I have felt in my entire 16 years of living.”

Children like Kaitlyn need your help. A gift from you can provide the necessary supplies, additional tutoring, and other resources necessary to make them successful. And it’s not just the youth living on our Enterprise campus who go to school at Legacy Scholars Academy. The children at our Madison Youth Ranch, as well as the foster children we care for, need supplies for the coming school year.

Since many of our children are coming to us from situations of abuse, neglect or abandonment, they are typically 2-3 years behind academically. Your support gives them the resources and an opportunity to recover from past failures and succeed. Through the careful guidance of our teachers, house parents, and other staff, our children have been very successful in meeting their academic goals. They didn’t let their past hold them back.

Please send your gift today so there is enough time to provide the children with all the materials they need for the coming school year!