Our toddler program’s main focus is to aid the child in developing independence, self- management, while meeting their basic needs of trust and separation.

The classroom environment is carefully and purposely prepared to call to the toddler’s strongest desires to make order of chaos, to move intentionally and with coordination, control, and to interact positively with their friends.

In the Montessori environment the children develop a strong sense of self esteem and security. They are guided by nurturing and skilled staff in a positive atmosphere where they are given freedom within consistent limits. Transition from the infant room to the toddler area is a gradual change that starts with infants visiting the toddler area with their familiar infant staff. Toddlers generally adjust quickly and happily to the Montessori environment. Their very curious nature and zealous enthusiasm thrive in the prepared and consistent environment. They enjoy hands on activities, music and movement, circle time and caring for their own environment. As they take part in the community life of the classroom, they begin to display patience, and self control.

Toddlers develop verbal and non-verbal language skills to communicate socially. As these skills develop they become less impulsive and able to concentrate for longer periods.