Happy Valentine’s Day

Won’t you be my Valentine?

Do you remember when you were growing up and getting a Valentine’s Day card? Maybe it was from one of your classmates or even your parents. Do you remember how special it made you feel? Or getting so many Valentines that you were just overwhelmed? For many children, this translates into their definition of self-worth and a measure of love.

Now imagine what it might feel like to not receive a Valentine’s Day card from classmates, friends or even family members. The absence of that outpouring of affection can bring feelings of hurt and heartbreak, diminishing a child’s self-worth. For the children who come to us at the Florida United Methodist Children’s Home, their definition of love and self-worth is skewed, and even their hearts have been broken.

Before coming to us, many of our children didn’t know what it was like to have their own bed or food on the table, let alone loving and supportive parents who encourage emotional and academic success on a daily basis. The therapeutic intervention we provide helps to get to the heart of the matter and provides the tools to become successful in all areas of their lives. Perhaps more importantly, it gives the children hope.

Josh came to us with this misconception of love. He had been abused by his parents, and had to be removed from his home. He blamed himself for his situation, resulting in a feeling of low self-worth. This showed in his failing grades and inability to make friends. When I spoke to him recently about Valentine’s Day, he said he rarely received any gifts or cards, making him feel even less loved. Through our care, including appropriate therapy, he came to understand the true love God intended for him. Now grades in school are much improved and is actually looking forward to Valentine’s Day.

Will you join us in supporting children like Josh, with their daily needs and therapeutic intervention?

You can show all the children here at the Children’s Home that they are loved by signing and returning a Valentine. Simply click the link below to print a valentine, sign it, and mail it to:

Florida United Methodist Children’s Home
51 Children’s Way
Enterprise, FL 32725

You can even send the children a Valentine message of your own! For your convenience, you can make your gift online by selecting the online donation button.

After we receive your Valentine, we’ll place them all in the Chapel for the children to see, and explain to them that every Valentine was signed by someone who cares about them. They even get to choose a few to take with them. It’s just another way to show our children that they do have an extended family who cares for and loves them. The impact of feeling loved by others is truly amazing.

Even though many of our children will not hear from their Mom or Dad this Valentine’s Day, please let them hear from you…so they know they are loved.

Thank you and God Bless!