Donor Information and Confidentiality Policy and Procedure


The Florida United Methodist Children’s Home regards its donors’ personal information as confidential. The Development Department has jurisdiction over all FUMCH fundraising efforts; therefore, department staff will respect the privacy of all donors and safeguard the confidentiality of information which a donor would reasonably expect to be held private.


  1. Donors’ personal information (names, addresses, telephone numbers, giving history, etc.) will not be leased, sold, rented or exchanged.
  2. Staff members will not discuss any information about donors or prospects outside the work environment, and they discuss it within the work environment only asappropriate.
  3. Staff members will honor and protect all donors’ rights to anonymity.
  4. Staff members will ensure that donor and prospective donor information is collected lawfully and presented factually.
  5. Staff members will be respectful of the fact that information collected about donors and prospective donors is the sole property of FUMCH and will not betransferred or utilized except on behalf of the agency.
  6. Staff members will strive to balance the obligation of FUMCH to collect, record, and make public information within the right of donors and prospective donors to privacy.
  7. Staff members will seek and record only information that is relevant to the fundraising efforts of FUMCH.
  8. Staff members will ensure that donor information, including research about prospective donors, is stored securely to prevent access by unauthorized persons.
  9. All fundraising information sent to a donor or prospect will include information on how to “opt out” of receiving any future fundraising communications.
  10. FUMCH will honor all requests by donors to curtail repeated mailings, telephone solicitations from in-house lists, and/or personal visits.
  11. Donors contributing to the Honors and Memorials Program, giving clubs like the Legacy Circle, or other specific campaigns give implied consent to disclose theirname only, unless they have specifically asked to opt out or wish to remain anonymous.
  12. FUMCH will provide all donors an opportunity to state that they prefer to remain anonymous and that their name, the amount of their gift, or other information is not tobe publicly released.
  13. In order to assure full compliance with opt out donor choice, all FUMCH fundraising efforts, for example fundraising lists compiled for phone or mail solicitations orinvitation lists for fundraising events, must be coordinated through the Development Department.
  14. FUMCH may continue to send newsletters, brochures and other general educational and event information to those donors who have “opted out.”
  15. Upon the death of a donor, the results of bequests or other planned gifts (unless otherwise stipulated by the donor) may be shared with the local church pastor.